Tree and Stump Removal Services
In New Hampshire And Massachusetts

Tree Removals

From single trees to yard expansions, we offer complete removal service to accommodate your needs. Our 75' bucket truck provides height and safety around power lines and homes. The 65' Nifty Lift is a self-propelled aerial unit which allows access to tight areas that may not be bucket truck accessible. Also, its unique flotation tires make it lawn friendly. Crane service is available for hazardous trees or no access trees. This service also prevents little to no impact on the ground beneath the tree. Tree climbers are used on smaller jobs or no access for equipment.


Is your yard too small or overgrown with trees? We can expand your yard by removing the trees, grinding the stumps, leveling the land and installing a new lawn.


There are many different types of pruning to meet your specific needs. We employ certified arborists to ensure proper pruning techniques.

Safety Pruning

The removal of cracked limbs, hangers, and deadwood.


Add more sunlight to your yard by thinning out your trees without removing them. We selectively remove damaged, cracked limbs, deadwood and crossing branches as well as select branches or limbs. This allows the sun to penetrate through to your yard, which can also improve lawn growth.


Are your tree branches growing too close to your roof, house wires, or the ground. Let us lift up the canopy and provide clearance to protect your home from roof damage, moss, loss of power, or just to walk under.

Height Reduction

Not all trees can be reduced in height. Younger trees can be managed before getting out of control. Topping of a mature tree can cause serious damage to the remaining part of the tree. Topping of mature trees is not recommended. Removing too much of a tree takes away the food for the winter hibernation period. New growth or water sprouts will occur, which in the beginning will look like the tree is flourishing. This new growth is in fact weaker and can break more easily in harsh winters or storms.

Ornamental Pruning

Shape your newly planted ornamental's to enhance the health and future shape of the tree. Shaping them at a young age will prevent them from growing out of control. Older trees that have never been pruned can still be prune. However, it is impossible to bring it back to the original size. Removing too much of a tree can cause serious shock and harm to the tree. Please remember, a tree is a living organism. You can give it a "haircut", but cutting too much will reduce its food supply and health.


Whether you have one stump or a yard full of stumps, we can usually accommodate your needs. Our stump grinder is self-propelled, allowing us access to tight areas while being lawn friendly. The truck and trailer stay out in the street. Stumps are ground 5-6 inches below the grade of the land. Stump grinding is especially beneficial in a lawn area, near foundations and walkways, or near underground wiring or piping. Pulling stumps with a backhoe can cause serious damage by lifting up the root system along with anything above it. Stumps located near underground utilities will require us to place a call to dig safe to have the area marked out before grinding.

It is not recommended to grind stumps where a paved driveway or pool are to be installed as the remaining root system will eventually rot and cause an impression in the ground.

Stumps with iron, boulder or other foreign objects set within or around it and stumps located on cliffs, steep inclines or poor access may not be grindable.
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